Daniel Woods working Return of the Sleepwalker

PhysiVāntage® Pros Working to Establish America's First V17!

Breaking personal barriers, making progress on your project, achieving the next grade, and having the perfect workout or day of climbing is what I founded PhysiVāntage nutrition to support.

This winter, in Red Rock Canyon, numerous PhysiVāntage team members have been doing these very things...including Matt Fultz, Drew Ruana, Andi Stull, Lisa Chulich, Justin Salas, Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb, among others.

For the past two months, Daniel Woods and Jimmy Webb have focused their efforts on establishing a sit start to Sleepwalker (V16), an astoundingly strenuous boulder Jimmy opened in December 2018. Both Daniel and Jimmy have climbed the new V13 sit start and Sleepwalker (V16), but neither has been able to link the two problems -- yet. But it's a good bet that when they do, this new aggregate boulder will become America's first V17! (Note: Daniel and Drew Ruana are also projecting another potential V17 "Megatron" in Eldorado Canyon, CO.)

Anyway, despite the slow build of Springtime warmth, Daniel and Jimmy are making slow, incremental progress in trust of "the process". Might a send be near?

jimmy webb sleepwalker

As part of Daniel's training, he's now climbed the regular Sleepwalker more than 15 times (watch video), including four laps in a single session. But adding the 6-move V13 sit-start to Sleepwalker is a massive challenge...and so the battle in the desert is on!

PhysiVāntage is proud to provide nutritional support. Both Daniel and Jimmy use a Supercharged Collagen and Endure X stack before/during bouldering and then Weapons-Grade Whey protein for post-climb recovery.

A closing thought: One of the things I love most about climbing is how the projecting experience is perfectly scalable -- what Daniel and Jimmy are experiencing (and feeling) in working "Sleepwalker Sit" is pretty much what you and I experience/feel when working our near-limit project. In this way, we can relate to their ongoing challenge...and cheer them on from afar!

--Eric Hörst

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