Daily Finger Tendon Training Protocol for Climbers

All climbers wish for stronger fingers, flexor tendons, and A2 & A4 pulleys. Here's something you can do almost every day to make this wish a reality!


New research has revealed a coupled training-nutritional intervention that can increase tendon strength and health. Based on this research, I've developed a simple 6-minute "protective" finger training protocol (detailed in video) that will nourish and strengthen your finger flexor tendons and annular pulleys. Think of this brief training session as “prehab”—because it will enhance collagen synthesis in your tendons and ligaments…and, thus, improve the health and strength of these important structures.

Best of all, this is one climbing exercise that you can do almost daily! Of course, intensive hangboard training protocols must be limited to just a few days per week—they are hard on the muscles, nervous system, and connective tissues and, if you do too much, there’s a good chance you’ll end up injured. But this brief moderate-intensity protective protocol can be utilized daily, either as a rest day "prehab" session, injury rehab, or as part of your warm-up routine before your main climbing/training of the day.

tendon training process cycle by eric horst training for climbing

(Read more about the research-based, 3-step process training cycle for strengthening tendons.)

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