Three V16 Boulders in Eight Months by Drew Ruana!

Three V16 Boulders in Eight Months by Drew Ruana!

Drew Ruana is on fire!

Given his three V16 ascents in less than eight months, he's undoubtedly one of the hottest boulderers on the planet!

Interestingly, Drew began daily use of PhysiVāntage nutrition products this year. Is his massive 2020 bouldering season casually connected...just a coincidence?

Perhaps. Drew's been a crusher for years. 

However, to train and climb as hard and often and powerfully as Drew does, and NOT succumb to injury or overtraining, demands optimal nutrition day in and day out. 

No, Drew doesn't starve himself, nor engage in any crazy diet. He eats sensibly and supplements with several PhysiVāntage products to help accelerate muscle recovery, support connective tissue strength, and enhance performance.

Here's Drew's Ticklist.


Drew's year began with a bang with his ascent of Sleepwalker on January 26th -- his hardest boulder to date. This short, but savage boulder was.established in 2018 by Jimmy Webb, and it is considered to be one of America's hardest. Just pulling yourself off the ground onto the starting holds feels like V-Impossible to most climbers! 

Drew's ascent came after 7 days of work in Red Rock Canyon.




This steep, sustained boulder hadn't seen a second ascent until Drew topped out on it July 18th. provides this backstory...

The boulder was first discovered by Tommy Caldwell and his father, Mike, in 2007. Caldwell established Spread Eagle which follows the line of a 20-foot seam. In 2018, Daniel Woods began walking the 6 ½ miles to attempt the obvious sit start. At 18 moves long and 50 degrees overhanging, the problem is a monster and at the grade of Font 8C+, Box Therapy is one of the hardest problems in the world.


Creature from the Black Lagoon (V16/8C+)

Drew's V16 "hat trick" came in August with his quick ascent of Creature from the Black Lagoon in Rocky Mountain National Park. Watch the nighttime send below!


Drew's Performance Nutrition

Drew consumes Supercharged Collagen every day to support joint and connective tissue health, skin elasticity and strength, and -- most important -- recovery and strengthening of his highly stressed finger tendon pulleys. In all of these critical areas, Drew calls Supercharged Collagen "game changing!"

On climbing days, Drew uses Endure X to promote optimal blood flow, power-endurance, and recovery between boulder attempts.

Post-workout and before bedtime, PhysiVāntage plant-based Powerplex is Drew's choice for supplemental protein, if needed, to help accelerate muscle recovery and strength gains.

If you'd like to feel some of the same benefits as Drew, you can try PhysiVāntage and save 10% on full-priced nutrition by clicking on this link.

Climb on!

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