Become an Ambassador — Pro Deal Program


We are happy to offer generous Pro Deal discounts to industry professionals and others interested in becoming a PhysiVāntage Ambassador.

Who is qualified to become an Ambassador?

  • Professional athletes and up-and-coming semi-professional athletes
  • Regional- and national-level youth athletes (16 years of age and older)
  • Coaches (facility-based and online)
  • Doctors and licensed therapists (PTs, MDs, DCs, NDs, DOs, etc.)
  • Gym employees (including setters and coaches)
  • Outdoor industry and other sports-industry professionals
  • NCAA athletes (all divisions)
  • Active military service personnel & veterans
  • Energetic influencers (7,000+ followers)

Click here to apply to Ambassador & Pro Deal (APD) program. Those accepted onto the team will receive generous pro deal discount pricing and other PhysiVāntage swag! 

A Few of Our Awesome Pros!

physivantage pro athletes

Ambassador & Pro Deal Rules

  • Enjoy PhysiVāntage nutrition, and use it to do great things in the gym, on the rocks, and in all your sporting activities. Inspire others along the way!
  • If you are a coach or clinician and you would like to retail PhysiVantage products to your clients, please contact Jessica for details.
  • Spread the good word about your favorite PhysiVāntage products!
  • Tag social media posts featuring our products with @physivantage and #physivantage
  • Add a link to our website on your story or profile -- this will make you a star in our eyes -- even though you are already pretty awesome!
  • Important: Products acquired through this program are for personal use only and may not be gifted or resold to others. Pro Deal discount privileges may be revoked at any time and for any reason (e.g. abuse of the discount program, personal conduct, etc.)  
  • Contact our Ambassador & Athlete Manager, Jessica Jenkins at:

NOTE: at this time, our Ambassador & Pro Deal programs are limited to individuals living in the United States.