The Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack

If you're a passionate hard-training climber, then this pre-workout/pre-climb stack will make for a better workout and results!

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ENDURE X primers the aerobic system and increases blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between intense efforts. Supercharged Collagen provides the vital amino acids to nourish tendons, ligaments, and pulleys as you load these connective tissues throughout your session. 

Using the Endure X + Supercharged Collagen stack before every workout will:

  • Optimize blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between hard boulders, during mid-route rests, and between intense exercises.
  • Increase your power-endurance in climbing long boulders, routes, and throughout your climbing or training session.
  • Provide collagen-specific amino acids (glycine and proline) to the highly stressed connective tissues of your fingers, elbows, and shoulders. Research has shown that consuming hydrolyzed collagen before loading tendons and ligaments increases remodeling and recovery of connective tissues.
  • Long-term usage supports developing stronger, healthier tendons, pulleys, and ligaments...and more powerful, fatigue-resistant muscles.

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Combining Endure X and unflavored Supercharged Collagen into a tasty and effective pre-workout/pre-climbing stack has become popular among some of our ambassadors and customers, but it was PhysiVantage Pro Matt Fultz who first promoted the idea to me.

If you don't know of Matt, well, he's one of the strongest, hardest training and climbing, and nicest guys in our sport. Early last summer he messaged me about his daily consumption of Endure X and Supercharged Collagen before every workout and climbing session. Matt has since gone on to have his best climbing season (dozens of V11 to V15 sends) and his fingers remain healthy and stronger than ever!

I'd like to believe this PhysiVantage stack played a role in his success, but who knows for sure? Well, I guess Matt would know...and, honestly, he swears that this stack has significantly benefited his training/climbing since he began using the products one year ago.

Anyway, while I do often add unflavored Supercharged Collagen to my morning coffee, I'm increasingly using "Matt's stack" before every training and climbing session. I simply stir (or shake) one scoop of each into a pint of water and consume it during my warm-up. Why don't you give it a try?

Follow these links to learn more about the science behind Supercharged Collagen and Endure X.

Customer Reviews

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Power Endurance!

It’s almost absurd how much my endurance increased since taking the pre-workout stack. It’s my new not so secret weapon for a long healthy day of climbing at the crag! Thanks so much


Great, clean energy, and my joints and fingers feel better and more resilient.

Great product

Endure x gives an explosive element to training, allowing for great power and quick recovery

Increased training volume

I had a minor injury to the collateral ligaments of my middle finger that had not healed in over 10 months. I could train and climb, but it created swelling and tenderness after every session. I decided to try the collagen/endure x combo to see if it could help with ligament recovery. I've been using the combo daily for about 2 months, and my training volume has increased substantially. My redpoint grade has increased, and best of all, my finger is no longer painful after climbing or training sessions. I've been healing and increasing my training volume. Psyched on this product. The Endure X is quite sweet, as they use Stevia as a sweetener. I could do with a bit less sweet, but I still like the performance results.

Climb Without Pump & Heal Like Wolverine

FLAVOR. So I take the collagen based on science showing it's good for tendon regeneration. But it doesn't taste great. I've mixed it with many things to offset the flavor, but settled on room temp water as my "favorite". It's not bad that way. I hold my nose and it goes down. But you don't even taste it with Endure X, which has great flavor. You can see the collagen reviews for comments on the collagen.

EFFECTIVE? Yah, stupid effective. I don't want to write this review, because I want the edge over others. But when Coach Eric's automated email kindly asks, well, OK, fine—only for you. Here's the deal: imagine a climbing session where you feel NO FOREARM PUMP. I was cruising up 10s, 11s, and 12s for hours. The only limit was how strong my fingers and muscles were (and how slow my partners were when it was their lead). Having climbed for years and never used anything like this before climbing, I found it to be a wild experience. The drink is not a crazy caffeine shot like many other pre-workouts are, so there's no jitter or crash. It's not like you can't moving as if driven by a motor. Rather it's just that your muscles don't get fatigued and it means you can do a beastly workout. I did find I had an increased need to stay hydrated though. But it was my first time using it, so perhaps it was just higher volumes of rapid climbing rather than the need to hydrate per se. Time will tell. Stellar product.

Customer Reviews

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