Mission Statement & Beliefs


To craft the finest research-based supplements for climbers and other adventure athletes. Bringing together decades of climbing and coaching experience with the latest clinical research and sports science, PhysiVāntage is dedicated to creating innovative and highly-effective nutritional supplements that are safe, natural, and ethical. We aspire to help outdoor athletes build stronger, more powerful and injury-resistant bodies for pursuing their performance goals and sustaining health and strength over the long arc of their outdoor recreational journey.



We believe in the power of climbing...and its life-changing potential. We believe that climbing brings passionate people together in a purposeful and peaceful endeavor, irrespective of background, ethnicity, religion, age and sex. We believe in partnership and the unity of the rope (and spot). We believe in the "unlikely" and "impossible", and that embarking on a meaningful journey is tantamount to success, regardless if the destination or goal is reached. We believe in a higher calling and that the minutes of our lives are precious and best lived with purpose and joy.