Medical Advisory Board

At PhysiVāntage Nutrition, we are committed to manufacturing science-based nutritional supplements that are natural, safe, and clinically dosed for effectiveness.

Central to this mission is our Medical Advisory Board – highly regarded practicing physicians who, importantly, “walk the talk” on physical fitness training, nutritional practices, and healthy lifestyle.


Thomas Cunningham, M.D.

ic: Dr. Cunningham and his family.

Dr. Thomas Cunningham and his family.

Dr. Cunningham is a board-certified physician, researcher, and functional medicine specialist who believes in combining evidence-based medicine, nutrition, and training to improve your health, wellness, and human performance.

Dr. Cunningham received his medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and then went on to complete his Emergency Medicine residency at the University of Louisville, where he served as chief resident. With a passion for innovation and technology, he has published several papers, holds multiple patents, and served as the VP of Innovation for Inscope Medical Solutions, a company dedicated to improving medical device technology in emergency departments and surgical fields.

An elite-level athlete himself (5.14 rock climber), Dr. Cunningham is available for consultations through his integrative and functional medicine practice at


Noah Kaufman, M.D.

ic: Dr. Kaufman appearing on 9 News in Denver.

Dr. Noah Kaufman appearing on 9 News, Denver.

Dr. Kaufman is a board-certified emergency medicine specialist, medical legal expert, entrepreneur, and elite athlete.

Dr. Kaufman received his medical degree from Tulane University and then completed his Emergency Medicine Residency program at Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio. He went on to become a Partner at Tahoe Emergency Physicians, and in subsequent years served as an emergency medicine physician in Wheatland, WY, Fort Collins, CO, and Mt. Sterling, KY.

Dr. Kaufman has served on peer review committees for multi-specialty case reviews, as a prospective standard of care expert, and as an on-air medical expert for Channel 9 KUSA in Denver. Nationwide, he is perhaps best known as the “Ninja Doctor” competing in multiple seasons of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior.