Podcasts on Tendon Training and Injury Prevention for Climbers

eric horst training for climbing podcast

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, then don't miss the four podcasts featured below...that some climbers have called "game-changing"!

Beginning in April 2019, Eric Hörst broadcast a series of four podcasts on "sinew training"...a topic rarely, if ever, discussed before in the context of rock climbing. These four podcasts present a training paradigm shift that will empower climbers to improve connective tissue health, increase performance (both power and endurance), and reduce risk of the finger pulley and tendon injuries so common among enthusiastic climbers. The interventions described involve both training and cutting-edge performance nutrition.

This is impactful, but heady material...so you may need to listen to each podcast a couple times to assimilate all the empowering information. But delay no longerstart listening now!

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Sinew Training Part 1 - Intro to Training for Stronger Tendons and Ligaments

Sinew Training Part 2 - A Revolution in Finger Training for Climbers

Sinew Training Part 3 - Training to Increase Tendon Strength, Muscle Power, and Connective Tissue Health

Sinew Training Part 4 - Climbing Injuries: A Perfect Storm Brewing... (Common Causes and Prevention)

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