CRUSH - Pre-Workout for Energy, Focus, & Performance

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CRUSH is a pre-workout supplement to increase energy, focus, and performance!

This unique supplement combines ingredients shown to increase alertness (without jitters or anxiety), improve cognition and mental performance, and enhance physical strength and endurance. 

Take two CRUSH and…

  • Send your project!
  • Top your boulder!
  • Slay your workout!

At only 50 cents per serving CRUSH is cheaper than an energy drink, coffee, 5-Hour Energy, or similar...and also far more effective for creating an optimal physical and mental state for peak performance.

50 servings per bottle (100 vegetarian capsules) 

The Science:
CRUSH is a novel ergogenic and nootropic supplement comprised of a synergistic blend of L-theanine and caffeine, augmented with L-tyrosine and L-taurine. Numerous studies have shown that L-theanine and caffeine can improve attention span, enhance the ability to process visual information, and increase accuracy when switching from one task to another. By boosting levels of GABA (a neurotransmitter), L-theanine also enhances Alpha brain waves associated with a state of “wakeful relaxation", thus taking off the "edge" (anxiety and jitters) off the stimulating effects of caffeine.

One often unrecognized (and undesirable) side effect of caffeine is vasoconstriction, which can hinder muscle capillary blood flow. To combat this unwanted effect, CRUSH contains L-taurinea proven vasodilator that also has been shown to reduce muscle cramps.

Last but not least, CRUSH includes a moderate dose of L-tyrosine, an amino acid shown to improve mental performance in stressful situations. Compared to placebo, tyrosine was found to improve cognitive flexibility and working memory during mentally demanding tasks, as well as help sleep-deprived individuals stay alert longer.

Caution: Persons with thyroid disease, who are pregnant or nursing, or who are taking MAO inhibitors or other medications should seek the advice of a physician before consuming this supplement.

NOTE: CRUSH ingredients are safe for competition as clarified and sanctioned by WADA, IOC, NCAA. This product is manufactured in a NSF and cGMP-certified facility which tests each raw material and all finished products to validate the nutrition facts and vitamin & mineral label claims are met and other hazardous elements, such as microorganisms, are not present. Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Layton Blankenship
Awesome Product

I use crush daily for both work and climbing. Its great for getting you past that 2:30 slump, getting you amped up to send the proj, or giving you a second wind when you're out of gas with 3 pitches to go.

Michael Boylan
Sustained energy throughout the day

I made the mistake of taking this around lunchtime for an after work sesh. I climbed super hard and wasn’t able to fall asleep until midnight. This product is definitely an all day energy option without a crash like coffee. Don’t take too late in the day unless you want to be up all night

Evan Mann
Good drugs

Sweet drugs! Definitely make you feel like a psycho in the gym, especially if your caffeine tolerance is low. These things make me piss like a racehorse though so beware taking them in an environment (multi pitch/alpine) where you don’t have consistent access to water.

Brittany Goris
Game changer

I noticed a big difference in my all day energy levels when I started using this stuff. I've always had trouble with crashing on long days, but I feel like Crush has really helped me avoid hitting that wall and instead enables me to do so much more in a day! I take half the suggested serving and it feels like plenty.

Murphy Martin
Perfect Balance

I’m really digging the Crush supplement. I can’t stand being jittery or over caffeinated. Find it to almost backfire when it comes to performance. Crush is a wonderful blend of alertness and calm that allows for maximum focus without the anxiety.