Thirty-Six 5.14 Ascents by

Thirty-Six 5.14 Ascents by "Send Bros" in 7 Months!

Cameron and Jonathan Hörst went on a tear during the second half of the 2020 season with a combined 36 redpoint ascents in the 5.14 grade between June and December!

After a three-month Spring season lockdown, the brothers spend much of Summer 2020 at remote crags in Wyoming. At Wild Iris, Cameron (age 19) climbed his second 5.14d, White Lightning while brother, Jon (age 17), climbed his first three 5.14b routes. Fall season was spent climbing a few weeks at both the Red River Gorge and Mt Charleston with highlights of Cameron achieving the 4th ascent of Arrested Development (5.14d) and Jonathan climbing his first 5.14c, Southern Smoke.

All totaled, Cameron climbed two 5.14ds, six 5.14cs, and 13 routes graded 5.14a and 5.14b. In the same seven-month span, Jonathan climbed his first 5.14c, three 5.14bs, and eleven 5.14as, including one first ascent, Super Pandora, at Wyoming's Crazy Women crag.

"Send Bros" Backstory

A family friend named Cameron and Jonathan the "Send Bros" after they climbed their first 5.14a routes at the ages of 11 and 10, respectively. A short-format documentary title "The Send Bros" was released in 2013.

Despite the brothers early success at climbing, both Cameron and Jonathan continued to play a variety of youth sports, and they, in fact, only climbed seriously about 6 months out of each year from age 8 through 18. Most remarkable is that these two world-class youth climbers played American (tackle) football for 10 years--contributing as players on a District Championship Team in 2018 and both receiving LL League (Pennsylvania) accolades their senior year. 

Another interesting note: As sons of the PhysiVāntage founder, Cameron and Jonathan have been using prototype products that their dad develops dating back to Spring of 2018. The boys instant favorites were Chocolate Weapons-Grade Whey (post-workout), Supercharged Collagen (pre-workout), and Endure X an hour before redpoint climbing and serious training session. Cameron is also a regular consumer of the CRUSH supplement before high-intensity workouts and climbs.

Most recently they have been testing the newest PhysiVāntage product, FLOW, a unique blend of vegan BCAAs and Electrolytes. FLOW is scheduled for release to the public around May 1, 2021.

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