Why PhysiVāntage Nutrition?

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If you're at all like me, then you absolutely love climbing!

Some folks might say that people like you (and me) take training, our goals, and performance a wee bit too seriously.

Of course, challenging ourselves and pushing our limits makes us feel happy and fully alive—but only someone who has experienced this distinct feeling can ever truly understand why we climb...and why we train so hard to improve at climbing.

Unfortunately, muscle aches and joint pains are part of the game for many enthusiastic, hard-training climbers. To reach our climbing goals, it's mission-critical that we avoid tendon or pulley tweaks, acute injury, as well as other common gradual-onset overuse injuries.

For these reasons, I founded PhysiVāntage in 2018—the first (and still only) line of climbing-specific nutritional supplements!

My goal was clear but lofty: To create effective, science-based nutritional support for myself, my family and friends, my training clients....and YOU!

Today, we have more than 50 professionals (5.15 sport climbers, V16/V17 boulderers, elite big wallers, and a World Cup Champion) using PhysiVāntage nutrition to support their training and climbing.

I hope you will give some of our products a try...so that you, too, can feel the physical advantage of PhysiVāntage! 

--Eric Hörst 

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Coach Hörst explains the power of PhysiVāntage nutrition! 

NOTE: Outside of North America can now order PhysiVāntage nutrition from our European distributor, the EPIC-TV shop!