Frequently Asked Questions

Is Supercharged Collagen only for injured climbers?

No! Supercharged Collagen is a powerful nutritional intervention for any hard-training athlete, injured or uninjured. Daily consumption of Supercharged Collagen supports collagen synthesis, particularly in tendons and ligaments subject to intense exercise. Appropriate training (and rest) combined with one scoop per day of Supercharged Collagen promotes post-workout tendon and muscle matrix recovery/strengthening...which long-term may actually lower your injury risk!

As for currently injured climbers (and other athletes), disciplined daily rehabilitation/training combined with a sound diet supplemented with Supercharged Collagen may be able to accelerate healing and return to support.

What's the optimal dose of Supercharged Collagen?

Research has shown that 10 grams of vitamin C-enriched hydrolyzed collagen, consumed on an empty stomach before training, is the minimum effective dose. (One scoop of Supercharged Collagen contains 11 grams of top-grade hydrolyzed collagen peptides.) Uninjured climbers, then, can reap benefits by consuming one scoop of Supercharged Collagen upon waking each morning and/or 30 to 60 minutes before upper-body training for climbing.

Climbers with achy tendons, ligaments and/or joints...we recommend consuming 15 grams or, approximately, 1.4 scoops of Supercharged Collagen first thing in the morning and/or 30 to 60 minutes before training/climbing.

Currently injured climbers (or other athletes) engaging in targeted rehabilitation are advised to consume a 20-gram dose (~1.8 scoops of Supercharged Collagen) 30 to 60 minutes before rehab/training.

Do you offer bulk discounts for climbing teams?

Yes! Email us for details at

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