About PhysiVāntage

After several years of research and development, I founded PhysiVāntage in December 2018. My goal was clear but lofty: To create effective, science-based nutritional supplements for myself, my family and friends, my training clients, adventure athletes of all kinds...and YOU!

Over the last five years, PhysiVāntage has grown by leaps and bounds. Our product line has quadrupled in size, our warehouse and order fulfillment operation has expanded greatly, we recently launched European distribution, and we now have dozens of professionals (5.15 sport climbers, V16/V17 boulderers, elite big wallers, a World Cup champion, and two Olympians) using our products daily!

Most important to me, however, are the many thousands of passionate recreational climbersand athletes in a widening range of sportsnow gaining a physical advantage with PhysiVāntage.

Learn more about our growing line of performance nutrition, and how PhysiVāntage can help you train more effectively and reach your goals!

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Watch PhysiVāntage founder & CEO, Eric Hörst, explain more about the value of performance nutrition in this short video (below).

PhysiVāntage Corporate Timeline

2016 - 2017

  • Research & Development begins
  • Training For Climbing, LLC formed


  • The revolutionary Supercharged Collagen is engineered,  prototyped, and climber-tested
  • CRUSH supplement is formulated and athlete-tested
  • PhysiVāntage is officially founded in December



  • In March, the fifth product Powerplex, a novel plant-based protein and collagen alternative for vegans, is launched in two flavors (Chocolate and Vanilla Spice)
  • Two additional Supercharged Collagen flavorsChocolate and Vanilla—are released in October
  • Limited-Edition SEND BLEND dark roast coffee was introduced in November.


  • A fourth Supercharged Collagen flavor (Peach Mango) is released in March
  • The sixth PhysiVāntage product, a novel electrolyte and vegan BCAA powdered drink mix named FLOW, is released in May


  • European direct-to-consumer sales commence on January 1st via the BananaFingers and EPIC-TV online shops
  • REDUX HP, an all-natural pain relief and recovery aid, is released as  PhysiVāntage's seventh product in January
  • Two additional protein flavors—Cold Brew Powerplex and Strawberry Blast Weapons-Grade Whey—are released in February
  • Cellular energy support supplement, Mag-ATP, is released in March
  • PhysiVāntage Nutrition gains popularity among an increasing number of non-climbers and other adventure athletes
  • Iconic American Ninja Warrior and Hollywood stunt woman, Jessie Graff, joins our growing athlete pro team



  • We are proud to announce our new Medical Advisory Board, currently comprised of two board-certified MDs who also happen to be elite-level athletes! Press release >>
  • The tenth PhysiVāntage product VITALIUM is released in January. This unique daily multivitamin addresses common critical micronutrient deficiencies that can compromise hormone balance, immune system function, metabolic efficiency, bone and collagen synthesis, and recovery from strenuous exercise.
  • Press release on the latest research on collagen supplements to support connective tissue, joint, and skin health.

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