About PhysiVāntage®

After two years of researching and development, I founded PhysiVāntage in Fall of 2018. My goal was simple: To build effective, science-backed nutritional supplements for myself, my family and friends, and my training clients.

Over the last three years PhysiVāntage has grown by leaps and bounds. Our product line has tripled in size, our warehouse and order fulfillment operation has expanded greatly, and we have dozens of professional climbers (5.15 sport climbers, V16/V17 boulderers, and a World Cup champion) using our products daily!

Most important to me, however, are the many thousands of passionate recreational climbers across the United Statesand around the world!now gaining a physical advantage with PhysiVāntage! 

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Learn more about PhysiVāntage in this short video from founder Eric Hörst.