Latest Collagen Supplementation Research Impresses!

It's been 6 years since we began R & D of the PhysiVāntage flagship product, Supercharged Collagen. I'm humbled by the many success stories from recreational and professional athletes alike, who have become daily users of our unique and peerless Supercharged Collagen formula. (Click here and scroll down to read a sample of customer reviews.)

Collagen peptide powder has become one of the world's most popular supplements for a good reason: It works!

In addition to the foundational research on collagen/gelatin supplementation published in 2008-2020, there have been six new peer-reviewed studies published in the past two years that found:

  1. Vitamin C-enriched collagen supplementation improved the rate of force development (RFD) with strength training more than the placebo training group (double-blinded parallel study)
  2. In a randomized, placebo-controlled study...collagen peptides combined with resistance training is associated with greater tendon hypertrophy and stiffness than with resistance training alone.
  3. Meta-analysis study outcomes demonstrate that 15 grams/day of collagen supplementation increased collagen synthesis rates, improving joint functionality, reducing joint pain, and improving muscle recovery.
  4. Proper nutrition including glycine-rich collagen peptides (or gelatin-vitamin C supplementation) in combination with adequate sleep and adjusted sports training periodization may improve ACL extracellular matrix collagen deposition homeostasis, decreasing sudden non-contact ACL rupture incidence likelihood in youth and adolescent athletes.
  5. Ten weeks’ in-season soccer training with daily collagen supplementation increased patellar tendon mechanical and material properties more than soccer training alone in high-level female soccer players.
  6. A meta-analysis of many clinical studies reveals improvements in skin hydration, skin elasticity, GERD, Osteoarthritis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis with collagen supplementation.

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