The Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack -- Bulk Discount

If you're a passionate hard-training climber, then this pre-workout/pre-climb stack will make for a better workout and results!

Save 20% When You Buy a 2 to 4 Month Supply!

ENDURE X primers the aerobic system and increases blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between intense efforts. Supercharged Collagen provides the vital amino acids to nourish tendons, ligaments, and pulleys as you load these connective tissues throughout your session.

Using the Endure X + unflavored Supercharged Collagen stack before every workout will:

  • Optimize blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between hard boulders, during mid-route rests, and between intense exercises.
  • Increase your power-endurance in climbing long boulders, routes, and throughout your climbing or training session.
  • Provide collagen-specific amino acids (glycine and proline) to the highly stressed connective tissues of your fingers, elbows, and shoulders. Research has shown that consuming hydrolyzed collagen before loading tendons and ligaments increases remodeling and recovery of connective tissues.
  • Long-term usage supports developing stronger, healthier tendons, pulleys, and ligaments...and more powerful, fatigue-resistant muscles.

Used by Pros Like Matt Fultz (below), Pamela Shanti Pack, Justin Salas, and dozens of others! 

Customer Reviews

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EndureX is AMAZING

I'm a pretty skeptical guy but the EndureX has really delivered for me and my wife. Great stuff pre workout and also first thing in the AM to boost recovery. That coupled with the Supercharged Collagen and you are set.


The Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack -- Bulk Discount

Pro pack

Great product, makes recovery between red points efficient, gives sustained energy and endurance, can't imagine climbing or cycling without this now!! Amazing !

Conan! What is best in life!?

The ability to crush rocks, indiscriminately of tendon wear or sluggish recovery!
I train hard and this stuff gives me the nutritional boosts I need to keep my tendons happy and recovering well.
The Endure X is a fantastic product as well. I used to be a heavy gym rat and have tried a number of pre workouts. This if by far preferable, and the direct forearm recovery between hard burns is noticeable.
Will continue to purchase as long as it's available.

Pre-workout stack review

Ordering went smoothly and shipment was executed promptly. Quality of the product is undeniable. At this stage of my training program preparing for the fall season, volume is part of my daily routine and the pre-workout stack allows me to maintain a sustain energy level while supporting my tendons under this heavy load. I highly recommend all products for their quality and effectiveness, as well as the company

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