The Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack -- Bulk Discount Bundle

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The Ultimate "Stack" to Enhance Your Workout & Performance!

Sendure-X® primers the aerobic system and increases blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between intense efforts. Supercharged Collagen® provides the vital amino acids to nourish tendons, ligaments, and pulleys as you load these connective tissues throughout your session.

Using the Sendure-X + unflavored Supercharged Collagen stack before every workout will:

  • Optimize blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between hard boulders, during mid-route rests, and between intense exercises.
  • Increase your power-endurance in climbing long boulders, routes, and throughout your climbing or training session.
  • Provide collagen-specific amino acids (glycine and proline) to the highly stressed connective tissues of your fingers, elbows, and shoulders. Research has shown that consuming hydrolyzed collagen before loading tendons and ligaments increases remodeling and recovery of connective tissues.
  • Long-term usage supports developing stronger, healthier tendons, pulleys, and ligaments...and more powerful, fatigue-resistant muscles.

Used by Pros Like Natalia Grossman, Ross Fulkerson, Charlie Barron, and dozens of others! 

NOTE: Supercharged Collagen and Sendure-X ingredients are safe for competition as clarified and sanctioned by WADA, IOC, NCAA. The product is manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility which tests each raw material. Every finished batch is then third-party tested to confirm that other hazardous elements, such as microorganisms, are not present. Made in the USA.

Customer Reviews

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Martin West
Drank the koolaide

I love physivantage. I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m 45, and because of the collagen I can lift heavy now. Because I get to lift heavy, my climbing has really improved. And I can also notice a difference between physivantage protein powder vs other more popular but cheap brands. Really amazing how things have changed with me because of your products. I want to buy stock!

Good quality supplements

I’ve been using both the pre workout and collagen for over a year to compliment my clean diet and hard training regiment and I have seen significant gains. I’m in my late 30’s with hard goals in mind and have noticed significantly higher quality training sessions with the pre workout. I’m not sure of the actual effects of the collagen but my tendons feel strong and healthy which is quantified with loading capacities that are constantly increasing. I would say make sure your diet is clean and then start adding this stack to maximize gains.

Ryan Alejandro
Convenient & Effective

An excellent one click bundle of the best pre-session supplements. I used to only use the supercharged collagen, but after trying a friend's EndureX I knew I couldn't skip out on it. EndureX works great to get me ready for a session and keep my energy levels high, even after a long or stressful work day.

Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack

I’m a true believer in the Physi-vantage products. Endure and Collagen are part of my climbing arsenal. Bulk discount on these two products was a win-win!

Joachim Corstiaans, China
Keeps me going!

Today marks my 6th of consecutive climbing, and with the PhysiVāntage Supercharged Collagen and Endure X, I’ve been on-sighting 11s, easily redpointing 12c and been progressing on my 13b project like never before. Being 45 years young, PhysiVāntage helps me recover faster, be more focused and endure longer sessions. I’m quite sure that when I finish Eric’s book “Training for Climbing”, I will even see more progress! Thank you Eric and the PhysiVāntage Team!