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---------------- Wild Berry Flavor ----------------

NSF Certified for Sport! - NO Artificial Flavors & Colors -  Vegan

 30 servings per unit (338 grams per container)

If you're looking for a powerful and caffeine-free pre-workout and performance-boosting supplement, then you need to look no further!

SENDURE-X® will help you send your “X” whether it's in the gym, on the playing field, in the mountains, on the road, or in competition of any kind. Using all-natural, proven ingredients (beetroot, citrulline, and betaine), SENDURE-X promotes nitric oxide production and circulation, thus increasing oxygen kinetics and aerobic power. For a passionate athlete like YOU, this means more power-endurance, stamina, and V02, as well as faster recovery between plays and high-intensity intervals. Whether you’re a recreational or professional athlete, SENDURE-X will give you a performance boost you can FEEL!

Performance-enhancing benefits include:

* Increased Power Endurance and Stamina
* Accelerated Recovery between High-Intensity Efforts
* Optimized Blood Flow, Mitochondria Function, and O2 Kinetics
* Improved Performance at Altitude
* As a Daily Supplement...May Improve Blood Pressure, Circulation & Heart Health


dr. noah kaufman endorses PhysiVantage Sendure-X for performance and heart health

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1 scoop of SENDURE-X in 16 - 32oz of water, or add 1 scoop to a small water bottle and shake. Drink early in your warm-up before training, performance, or competition. Optimal aerobic-system priming—for increased power endurance and recovery between efforts—arises 1 to 4 hours after consuming SENDURE-X. 

PRO TIP: For maximum effect, consume one serving of SENDURE-X every day before breakfast and another before PM training or performance climbing. To enhance all-day performance at the crags or boulders, drink 16 - 32oz (1 scoop) during warm-up climbs and then a second serving around 4 hours later to maintain ergogenic effects late into the day. Our logo bottle is ideal for this usage!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Chase owens

Really noticed the difference in how long I can Stay on the wall and how fast I can shake a pump out The other day after I was climbing on the woody a lil stoned and really noticed it!!!!! Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into helping climbers Eric!!!!!


When I first saw my friend using this, I was like, "whoa, what is Endure?!" Endur-EH, like a Spanish pronunciation. Now I can't say "endure," but I digress...

As I did with the Physivantage Collagen and Protein products, I only needed to use it once to see/feel the benefits, and now I'm a believer. Taking this as suggested (16oz to start, and 16oz mid-day) on a full day of climbing really makes a noticeable difference. I'm really stoked to have this for places like the Black Canyon or a long day in the desert, where the endurance really comes into play. It's hard to describe, but it just makes my body feel really good, and I feel like I'm able to perform at my max. I was starting to feel a little tired in the middle of a long route, and chugged the other 16oz I brought up on the wall with me. Go-go juice, engage!! I felt a good burst of energy to finish out the route and long day. How can beets be so magical? ...Beets me!

Mike Njoten

Best Nalgene bottle in the world!

Hunter Howell
Great Product!

About a week after I started using the Endure Mix I noticed that I was able to climb a lot longer without losing my strength and getting injured by using the collagen! The Nalgene water bottle is perfect for long days out at the crag climbing all day!

If you're a pre-workout drink person, you might as well drink something backed by the best science.

Ive only had fewer than 2 weeks with Endure X, so I dont feel like I can speak with certainty to its effect. (That said, I have had a very strong recent couple of trips to the gym.) I had been using a BCAA powder, but Im sold on the stronger science behind Endure X.