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What’s Your “X”?

ENDURE X™ will help you achieve your “X” by increasing your power endurance, stamina, and recovery between repeated efforts. Our novel pre-performance formula is comprised of all-natural ingredients (beetroot extract & citrulline malate) shown in studies to boost endurance via multiple ergogenic pathways. Whether you’re a recreational or professional athlete ENDURE X gives you a performance edge in pursuing your goals.

Performance-enhancing benefits while climbing and training:

* Improves Power Endurance on Routes and Boulder Problems
* Accelerates Recovery between High-Intensity Efforts
* Supports Optimal Blood Flow, Mitochondria Function, and O2 Kinetics
* Supports Performance at Altitude

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1 scoop of ENDURE X in 16oz of water, or add 1 scoop to a small water bottle and shake. Drink early in your warm-up before training, performance, or competition. Optimal aerobic-system priming—for increased power endurance and recovery between efforts—arises 1 to 4 hours after consuming ENDURE X. 

PRO TIP: For maximum effect, consume one serving of ENDURE X every day before breakfast and another before PM training or performance climbing. To enhance all-day performance at the crags or boulders, drink 16oz (1 scoop) during warm-up climbs and then a second 16oz serving around 4 hours later to maintain ergogenic effects late into the day. Our 32oz logo Nalgene bottle is ideal for this usage!

---------------- Wild Berry Flavor ----------------

NO Caffeine * NO Artificial Colors * NO Artificial Flavors * VEGAN

 30 servings per unit (338 grams per container)

  * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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If you're a pre-workout drink person, you might as well drink something backed by the best science.
Really unique supplement for climbers
Noticeable differences in just a few uses

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