Lattice Lifting Pin

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The Lattice Lifting Pin is a 1-inch-thick vertical barbell for stacking weights when training with pulley systems, lifting devices, and weighted pull-ups. This ciimbing-specific loading pin is the perfect companion to the Lattice Quad Block, Heavy Roller, or any other grip strength “lifting” device!

The product has been designed for climbers, by Lattice and features a climbing carabiner-friendly mounting hole. Usefully, it also sports a Lattice branded cork base for protecting your floors and dampening noise for those late-night lifting sessions.

Imported from the United Kingdom and distributed exclusively in the USA by Training For Climbing, LLC.

Customer Reviews

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James D
Best simple kit I've used!

I bought this along with the heavy roller and training is so much simpler! I just load the weights up on the pin, clip in and go train. I used to use slings and karabiners but I'll never go back now. Makes the house tidier too!

Great product

I got my son a pinch Blick for Christmas and he was very happy with the product. The lifting pin is a great addition for his training. Thanks for bringing such awesome products!