Lattice "Heavy Roller" Grip Trainer

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Now Available in North America!

Take your grip training to the next level with Heavy Roller training to supplement your hangboard and other finger training exercises!

The Heavy Roller is a wrist training device that uses an offset loading mechanism. To maintain your grip during a lift you must squeeze the device and flex or extend the wrist against the direction of spin. The high torque generated at relatively low loads targets either your wrist extensor or flexor muscles to improve grip strength without loading the shoulders. An ideal training tool for climbers looking to maximize their grip strength gains.

Pro Tip: Pair the Quad block with the Lattice Loading Pin! Learn more >>

Use this device over other grip trainers to provide a more direct stimulus to the forearms whilst excluding the upper arms and shoulders. Compared to hangboarding the Heavy Roller distributes loads over the entire hand by putting much less strain on the fingers. This means you can keep training your grip strength off the wall and away from the hangboard. Check out the Lattice Training podcast with one of the founders of Beastmaker Dan Varian to hear more about training wrists.

Wrist training is used in many ways:

  • To increase strength in the wrist extensor/flexor muscles and improve stability whilst climbing. This typically decreases the amount of friction required to maintain contact with less positive holds and surfaces.
  • To add variety to a training plan and increase options for targeting grip strength.
  • Rehabilitation of wrist injuries: targets the affected area with a progressive load. (More convenient than a rack of dumbbells)
  • Rehabilitation of golfers/tennis elbow (tendonitis in the elbow), a common issue for climbers.


  • 60mm diameter grip: researched and tested to be the most effective size for wrist training. 
  • Cord & extra wide wrap zones allow for a neutral wrist position when loading.
  • Simply spin the device around to switch your focus from flexor to extensor.
  • Extra wide to accommodate larger hands.
  • Grippy black powder-coated finish.
  • Mild Steel Construction.
  • Spacer Bar for stability in use.
  • Carabiner-friendly attachment point.

All Lattice products are supported free training content in Crimpd App and also free data/testing services/analysis at Lattice MyFingers and MyPinch.

Imported from the United Kingdom and distributed exclusively in North America by Training For Climbing, LLC.

 Pro Tip: Pair the Quad block with the Lattice Loading Pin! Learn more >>

Customer Reviews

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James D
Incredible for wrist strength

I've always struggled with wrist strength in climbing and never known how to improve it off the wall. Slopers felt hard, my wrist pops and cracks a bit on them as well. This tool fixed it! I love it. Really well made as well, so it looks good too.