Eric Horst climbing Born on the Fourth of July, Ten Sleep Canyon, WY.

T4C Podcasts: A Revolution in Finger Training for Climbers!

This may be the most important podcast you’ve heard in a long time…or, perhaps, ever!

If you engage in hard finger training, frequently push your physical limits, and/or occasionally experience tendon or joint pain…then this podcast could be game-changer for you.

Traditionally, tendons and ligaments (such as the A2 pulleys of the fingers) have been viewed as inert structures that changed little after adolescence. We now know, however, that these connective tissues are dynamic and metabolically active. New studies provide clues as to how athletes can play an active role in developing stronger, more robust, and higher performance connective tissues. This is a revolutionary concept for hard-training climbers…and it may change the way you train, eat, and recover going forward.

This podcast is the second in a series on sinew training for improved health and enhanced performance. Revisit podcast #33 for an introduction to the topic. Podcasts #34 and #35 will break more new ground on the topic of training for climbingdon’t miss them!

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