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PhysiPro Brittany Goris Climbs 5.14a on Gear!

When I founded PhysiVāntage, it was my goal to impact and provide value to as many climbers as possible. As a climbing coach of decades, I have gained a trust and developed a personal brand that I wanted to honor by making only premium-grade, built-from-scratch performance nutrition.

As PhysiVāntage has grown over the last two-plus years, it's been a priority of mine to fuel and help fund some of America's top climbers. It's long been my opinion that professional climbers are some of the hardest working athletes in the world. They sacrifice greatly in their quest to achieve rare and sometimes dangerous feats, and they are grossly underpaid compared to their peers in other sports.

The first climber I signed as a "PhysiPro" was Matt Fultz (March 2019), while the latest addition to the team is Brittany Goris. Some other major players we are proud to support include Drew Ruana, Jonathan Siegrist, Paige Claassen, Justin Salas, Lisa Chulich, and Jordan Cannon, among many other powerhouses! 

But the focus here is Brittany Goris, a western US climber with a passion for pushing her limits on traditional gear-protected routes. In recent years, Brittany has assembled an impressive ticklist, including several rarely climbed 5.13 gear routes. Then, on January 7th, Brittany achieved her dream goal of climbing 5.14a trad in sending East Coast Fist Bump

“Everything you ever wanted to do is still possible. It’s only you who says it can’t be done. If there is something you want to do in life, you’d better get on it; time waits for no one.”  --Brittany quoting Todd Skinner

If you'd like to read Brittany's inspirational backstory and mission to climb 5.14a trad, read her excellent blog post. Photo below: Brittany on the first female ascent of East Coast Fist Bump (5.14a). Credit: Erik Anderson.

east coast fist bump by erik anderson

Brittany's Favorite PhysiVāntage

In the day's leading up to sending East Coast Fist Bump, Brittany was testing Endure X as well as using chocolate Supercharged Collagen and Weapons-Grade Whey.

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