The Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack -- Bulk Discount

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If you're a passionate hard-training climber, then this pre-workout/pre-climb stack will make for a better workout and results!

Save 20% When You Buy a 2 to 4 Month Supply!

ENDURE X primers the aerobic system and increases blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between intense efforts. Supercharged Collagen provides the vital amino acids to nourish tendons, ligaments, and pulleys as you load these connective tissues throughout your session.

Using the Endure X + unflavored Supercharged Collagen stack before every workout will:

  • Optimize blood flow to the working muscles for more aerobic power and faster recovery between hard boulders, during mid-route rests, and between intense exercises.
  • Increase your power-endurance in climbing long boulders, routes, and throughout your climbing or training session.
  • Provide collagen-specific amino acids (glycine and proline) to the highly stressed connective tissues of your fingers, elbows, and shoulders. Research has shown that consuming hydrolyzed collagen before loading tendons and ligaments increases remodeling and recovery of connective tissues.
  • Long-term usage supports developing stronger, healthier tendons, pulleys, and ligaments...and more powerful, fatigue-resistant muscles.

Used by Pros Like Matt Fultz (below), Pamela Shanti Pack, Justin Salas, and dozens of others! 

Customer Reviews

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Kent Black
Solid positive experience.

Really cannot separate the Horst climbing/nutrition/education complex. We must guard and protect this synergy as I genuinely feel it has been protecting and nurturing me. Love the podcast. Thank you for your work.

James Riley
Get this right now if you are over 40

prework out stack when taken as directed (empty stomach 30 mins prior to activity) is amazing in terms of energy and reduction of post work out soreness.
I'm 47 climbed up to v10 and 5.13 and surf 3-4 times week. not sure how it works for young people but its practically a magic bullet for killer workouts and athletic performance for me.

Winston Mueller
Excellent service and quality products.

Definitely notice a difference training with these supplements versus without. Will continue to use.

Kenton Puckett
Climber regains his form with the help of PhysiVantage

I have been a route setter and climber for 12 years now. I had accepted that my best days of climbing were behind me but this year I turned 36 and set some goals. I was working hard and still not quite getting the results that I wanted. I started using the Ultimate Pre-Workout Stack about 2 months ago and it has helped me tremendously. I have had sore and aching fingers for years now and trying to regain my previous form seemed to be making it worse. So I started using Superchared Collagen and Endure X before all of my climbing, setting, and training sessions. I have not taken any time off and my fingers feel stronger and healthier than they have in years. With Endure X and training I noticed that I was able to put in more attempts on powerful boulders and routes were previously I would always run out of gas before I could get the send. I was projecting a boulder that felt like it took everything in my being to try and stick the crux move. After the use of the PhysiVantage products and training I was able to stick the previously impossible move and work out the rest of the problem to eventually get the send. I have noticed a change in my body from using PhysiVantage that I like so I plan to continue on with what has worked for me over the past two months and keep pushing myself to climb things that I thought were out of reach at my age.

Sonephet Sundara
The right combo for climbing

The collagen helps with my finger recovery and the endure X is the Pre workout without the pump. Which helps with climbing and sending hard problems.