POWERPLEX Plant Protein Bulk Discount (2 Bags - 4 Lbs Total)

POWERPLEX™ is the most advanced plant-based protein powder available!

We created POWERPLEX for plant-based athletes who may not have the time, information, or means to create balanced meals and post-workout snacks with the optimal amino acid profile for muscle recovery, strength gain, and connective-tissue remodeling.

This 100% vegan protein complex is an 85/15 blend of organic pea protein and organic brown rice protein which in aggregate provide an optimal amino acid profile superior to any single plant protein source. Each serving contains 10 grams of Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) including more than 2 grams of Leucine—ideal for supporting muscle protein synthesis post-workout and while you sleep.

POWERPLEX is formulated from gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients augmented with select enzymes to aid digestion and accelerate the release of amino acids into the blood stream. This makes POWERPLEX the ideal protein supplement for not only vegetarian and vegan athletes, but also anyone with soy or lactose intolerance.

Available in two delicious flavors: Chocolate & Vanilla Spice (vanilla with a hint of cinnamon). 

POWERPLEX™ supports collagen synthesis and remodeling of tendons, ligaments, and extracellular matrix

While there is no such thing as "vegan collagen", we developed POWERPLEX as the most advanced collagen alternative for vegan athletes. Our novel formula contains over 3 grams of collagen-specific amino acids (Glycine & Proline) per 20 gram serving, and we've augmented this with 50 mg of Vitamin C, an essential co-factor for collagen synthesis. Combined, POWERPLEX is the most powerful protein supplement for athletes wanting to support tendon, ligament, and joint health!

POWERPLEX™ supports strength gains and power-endurance

In addition to its superior amino acid profile, POWERPLEX is the only plant-based protein designed to uniquely support strength gains and power-endurance. POWERPLEX is fortified with Creatine Monohydrate (to support recycling of ATP during powerful exercise) and Beta Alanine (a non-essential amino acid shown to boast muscle carnosine content--the first line of defense against intracellular acidosis during sustained high-power exercise). In aggregate, POWERPLEX will help you train harder, recover faster, and perform more powerfully!

NOTE: POWERPLEX ingredients are safe for competition as clarified and sanctioned by WADA, IOC, NCAA. The product is manufactured in a cGMP-certified and FDA-registered facility which tests each raw material and all finished products to validate the nutrition facts and vitamin & mineral label claims are met and other hazardous elements, such as microorganisms, are not present. Made in the USA.

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David Ivanick

As a physician, I am always a bit skeptical of supplement claims, but I respect Eric Horst and the research he uses to back up his products. Using Powerplex does seem to leave me less achy and allows me to recover more quickly after a climbing session. I am not vegan, but try to minimize my impact and appreciate having a quality plant based option. I think I will continue to use this for the foreseeable future.

Corey Wager

Love this supplement for the taste, research backed quality, and recovery it gives me. Now a lifer!

Devon Arreola

POWERPLEX Plant Protein Bulk Discount (2 Bags - 4 Lbs Total)

Paloma Delgadillo
Helpful for a caloric deficit

During the covid lockdown I put on 5 lbs or so and am now in a caloric deficit to get back to a better performance weight. This prompted me to add some protein supplement to my diet to preserve as much lean mass as possible. I'm now hovering around my ideal weight and haven't felt weaker or like I lost too much muscle. I imagine this is party due to keeping the deficit modest (200 cal/day) but I bet taking in extra protein has helped as well.

I will say that if you're not used to a pea protein, it does take some getting used to, more so than whey in my opinion. I've tried the vanilla so far and it goes down pretty easily. It's a bit gritty, but you're here for a supplement, not gourmet dinner. I've since adapted to it and drink it towards the end of my day. I will also say that, while I'm not vegan, I've been a vegetarian for over a decade and I appreciate the extra vitamins and nutrition within the powerplex supplement (glycine and iron especially) that I don't get as much of in my diet as a meat eater might.

Pea Protein Perfection

I have been taking powerplex daily for over a year now and it is a fantastic supplement. I drink one shake for lunch and for recovery after workouts or longer climbing sessions. Both flavors taste good (I prefer the vanilla) and are way more better than other pea protein supplements that I’ve taken in the past, I definitely recommend mixing with a milk of some sort or juice (with the vanilla spice). I have also put it in oatmeal which was nice. Light and clean protein! Try some out if whey isn’t the way.

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