PhysiVantage PRO PACK

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Two great PhysiVāntage products along with a limited-edition Sendure-X bottle & coffee mug. SAVE 15%! (Comes with unflavored Supercharged Collagen)

SENDURE-X is a research-based pre-workout/pre-performance drink designed to:

  • Improves power endurance & Stamina
  • Accelerates recovery between high-intensity efforts (hard training exercises, boulders, or multi-crux routes)
  • Supports optimal blood flow, mitochondria function, and O2 kinetics
  • Boost power when climbing at altitude

Supercharged Collagen is a research-based connective tissue support supplement designed to:

  • Support collagen synthesis and tendon remodeling after training.
  • Strengthen muscle matrix for increased muscle efficiency and power.
  • When combined with appropriate rehab, hasten return to climbing after injury.
  • Speed recovery from power/plyometric/campus training sessions (which are especially hard on connective tissues).
  • Support youth athletes with growth plate pain or recovering from injury.
  • Help Masters climbers  accelerate recovery from sports/training, support stronger tendons and ligaments, reduce joint pain, and resist sarcopenia.

    NOTE: You can purchase the Sendure-X bottle separately for $20 and the PhysiVāntage mug for $10.

    Customer Reviews

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    Tim Sullivan

    It is a product that I have faith in

    Matt Stankus
    Don't hesitate pull the trigger.

    Endure x and super charged collagen are a perfect pair. I drink endure x with super charged collagen every morning. And again before pm training. Collogen itself is very hard to get down but mixing with endure x you get the benefits of both supplements in one 16 oz drink. Be more mindful of the breaks you take. I find myself hoping back onto my project with very little rest or fatigue. I also take the crush pills 30 minutes before I go the gym. The crush pills help you feel alert and energetic with no tingles jitters or any real negative side effect, way more cost effective than bang or a coffee before every session. 10/10 will be purchasing more of these products.