Send Blend Premium Coffee

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If you're passionate about climbing and coffee, then you'll love our Send Blend!

Smooth & Balanced....just like your climbing!

PhysiVāntage has developed a unique blend of Central and South American beans roasted just right to produce a smooth and balanced medium-dark bodied coffee that's oh so delicious! 

This is not a repackaged institutional or commercial-grade coffee but rather a specialty-grade whole bean coffee blend prepared for PhysiVāntage by master roasters.

Our Send Blend coffee comes in a one-pound bag of whole beans.

Also available, our SEND BLEND Gift Box which includes a PhysiVāntage mug. View here >>

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Another amazing product

My go-to coffee for making pour-over

Martin West
the Horsts must be coffee lovers

Being a little obsessed with coffee, I've become pretty particular. This blend ticks every box for me. It doesn't get boring to have day after day. Smooth, smokey, robust and so nice to have so often.

Derek Rubinstein
Smooth and Delicious

I got a small bag of this as a gift and normally don't brew my own coffee at home, but now I'm hooked again. It's fresh, smooth, and nicely balanced. Thanks again for a great new product!

Chase Sutton
So good!

Some seriously good coffee to get my day started! Smooth taste, rich and balanced flavor with a super good aftertaste! Super tasty fuel for the send!

Charlie Farrow
Amazing as always

Send blend coffee is very good! Thank you so much for fueling me to send hard!