Lattice "Quad" Pinch Block

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Now Available in North America!

Increase your pinch grip strength with the new Lattice UK "Quad Block"!

Featuring 4 comfortable pinch sizes that have been specifically designed for reliable testing and training. The updated design now engages the key forearm and hand flexor muscles used when climbing. Develop a comprehensive and balanced grip system for improved performance on all holds.

The Lattice Quad Pinch Block also features a 30mm pick up edge. Great for beginners or for rehab on injured fingers with a progressive load, whilst experienced climbers can use it as part of an effective no-hang finger flexor training set-up.

The new anodized aluminum finish provides consistent surface friction for accurate results that is even kinder to skin! Test your pinch and crimp strength using our free My Pinch assessment (instructions included) to find out whether you’re strong or weak for your climbing grade.

NOTE: The Quad Block replaces Lattice's previous Wooden Pinch/Crimp block (no longer available). 


  • Unlimited access to a free assessment and accompanying report to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Anodized aluminum finish.
  • Mechanical depth stops make it intuitive to consistently test and train.
  • Large radius edge is ergonomic and kind to the skin.
  • Positive grips have been used to reduce reliance on surface friction and standardize results.
  • Four key pinch grips for targeted training.

 Pro Tip: Pair the Quad block with the Lattice Loading Pin! Learn more >>

All Lattice products are supported free training content in Crimpd App and also free data/testing services/analysis at Lattice MyFingers and MyPinch.

Made and assembled in the UK. Comes complete with attachment cord.

Imported from the United Kingdom and distributed exclusively in the USA by Training For Climbing, LLC.

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Ian Brannigan

Lattice "Quad" Pinch Block

Lattice "Quad" Pinch Block

The item is well made and functional. After trying it, I bought another.

Cristopher Laney

Lattice "Quad" Pinch Block

Jon Luna
More Diverse Pinch Block

Tons of different pinch blocks out there, but this one has a lot more dedicated pinch variations and will force standardized thumb placement!