Supercharged Collagen Bulk Discount (Connective Tissue & Joint Support)

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This 2 to 4 month supply of Supercharged Collagen is the most affordable way to stock up on this essential supplement for hard-training athletes. This 20% bulk discount is ideal for hard-training or injured athletes, or anyone else, who consumes two or more servings of Supercharged Collagen per day. 

Supercharged Collagen

Whether you have normal, achy, or injured tendons/ligaments/joints, you can promote healthier and stronger connective tissues by consuming Supercharged Collagen before engaging in targeted exercise or climbing. This exciting new technology is based on recently published in vitro and in vivo research, as well as numerous professional athlete case studies, showing that consuming vitamin C-enriched hydrolyzed collagen before tendon/ligament training doubles collagen synthesis after exercise. This finding makes Supercharged Collagen a revolutionary supplement for serious climbers and other hard-training athletes who are hard on their tendons, ligaments and joints.

35 servings per 1-pound bag (454 grams).
Supercharged Collagen is unflavored and mixes well in warm and room-temperature beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate and tap water. Mixing in cold beverages is best achieved via a shaker cup, or shaking in a water bottle with Endure X pre-workout.

Who Can Benefit from Supercharged Collagen?

  • Elite athletes in search of higher muscle-tendon efficiency and power…and the next level of performance!
  • Anyone desiring to accelerate tendon remodeling/strengthening & reduce injury risk.
  • Injured athletes serious about hastening rehabilitation & return to peak performance.
  • Youth athletes with growth plate pain or recovering from injury.
  • Masters athletes wanting to accelerate recovery from sports/training, support strong tendons and ligaments, reduce joint pain, and resist sarcopenia.

(Note: We obtain our hydrolyzed collagen from the worldwide leading producer of gelatin and collagen peptidesmanufactured in their state-of-the-art facilities and adhering to the strictest testing and control to ensure maximum quality, safety, and traceability. We then blend and package our novel, research-based Supercharged Collagen formulation at a GMP-certified, FDA-registered facility.)

Customer Reviews

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excellent product

A supplement that works

I've been using this for about two years now and first started a little before COVID, I really noticed improvement in my sore pulleys after drinking it for about two weeks. I didn't write an review back then because I wanted a little more testing.
Since my come back from the COVID break, I've been consistently using the supercharged collagen and my pulleys have been all good and strong! And I've been bouldering harder too! Wish there is a way for me to systematically demonstrate the effectiveness of this stuff, but based on my anecdotal experience, it works :) Thanks a ton to coach Hörst for sharing all the training/rehab tips and for creating this magic formula!

Good results so far

Was skeptical as many are about buying a supplement to help me get stronger. I had been dealing with an A2 pulley injury for the past 6 months and lost about a full grade on my climbing, so figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I use it every morning and also before climbing days, which seems to be helping and my fingers have for sure recovered faster after a hard day of climbing. Still taping my finger for safety, but this stuff seems to objectively help.


Supercharged Collagen Bulk Discount (Connective Tissue & Joint Support)

Injury recovery

This product has really helped me out with injury prevention and recovery. I feel it has allowed me to continue to push my limits without increasing injury risk.

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