Lattice Testing & Training Rung

Lattice Training, UK

Test Finger Strength and Compare Yourself to Climbers Around the World!

* First Time Available in the USA *

The Lattice Rung is a testing and training tool designed to both measure and improve your finger strength. The top of the rung is a large, comfortable hold for warming up while the bottom 20mm edge is designed for testing and training with either two-arm or one-arm techniques.

This rung is the standard edge use worldwide for Lattice (UK) Assessments and is supported by the largest dataset in the climbing industry. Included with the rung are details of how to perform a two-arm hang finger strength self-assessment that allows you to measure your maximum force throughout a training season and see how you compare to all the other climbers Lattice UK has tested. Lattice UK can then identify if you are “strong” or “weak” for your climbing grade in both bouldering and route climbing disciplines and produce a mini report, customized to you, for free!

There are also 3 training sessions included (max strength, anaerobic capacity, and aerobic) with your testing/training rung  to help to guide your training and improve those finger strength scores! Contact Lattice Training with questions, support, or personalized coaching.

We recommend you also check out the Lattice Training "Crimpd" App for further testing and training guidance and results.

Imported from the United Kingdom and distributed exclusively in the USA by Training For Climbing, LLC.

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