There’s no such thing as too much strength! –Wolfgang Güllich

This highly anticipated exercise book comes from Nuremberg, Germany, the birth place of modern training for climbing. It was here that the legendary Wolfgang Güllich invented Campus Training and, at the nearby Frankenjura, established the world’s first 5.14d/9a, Action Directe. The rich tradition of hard climbing that began with Kurt Albert (the father of the “redpoint”) and Güllich continues today with young guns like Jan Hojer, Juliane Wurm, and young phenom Alex Megos, who recently achieved the world’s first 5.14d/9a onsight ascent!

What is the secret of these incredible climbers? It’s their “gimme kraft” (give me strength!) mentality of training in smart, effective ways that equally develops power through the entire chain of pulling muscles from the fingers to the core. Trainers Dicki Korb and Patrick Matros have spent years refining and improving the well-known climbing exercises of the past as well as developing new exercises and power-training techniques. These amazing trainers have packaged their techniques into the Gimme Kraft! book and DVD, produced and published by Hannes Huch, the visionary behind Nuremberg’s renowned Cafe Kraft climbing gym. Now, Gimme Kraft! shares this wealth of information with climbers around the world!

I must point out that Gimme Kraft! is not a beginners’ book. While some of the exercises can surely be performed by novices, this text is written for experienced climbers who have already mastered basic climbing techniques and possess a solid base level of fitness. For the more advanced climber, however, this book serves up dozens of effective exercises that you can pick and choose from–and cycle through–for many years of powerful climbing to come!

Can Gimme Kraft! empower you to climb harder? Absolutely! As long as you appropriately select and properly execute the exercises in the right frequency and volume. In power training, doing too much, too soon can provide negative results and might even get you injured. So you’ll want to gradually add new exercises over the course of many weeks and months, and proactively adjust the frequency and volume of training to optimize results. Long term, I trust, higher power will be yours–and then you can thank trainers Korb & Matros for helping you achieve the next grade!

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