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PhysiVāntage® is the first complete line of performance nutrition products for climbers. Our research-based formulas are used by some of the world's top boulderers, traditional, and sport climbers to build a stronger, more bullet-proof and goal-achieving body!

Ryan Dawsom bouldering Supercharged Collagen

SUPERCHARGED COLLAGEN is a one-of-a-kind, research-based connective tissue and joint support supplement for hard-training athletes. Supports collagen synthesis and remodeling of frequently loaded tendons and ligaments. May improve injury outcomes and hasten return to sport. LEARN MORE >>

Jonathan Siegrist Endure X

ENDURE X is an all-natural beetroot extract supplement that supports optimal blood flow, oxygen kinetics, and muscle efficiency. Consumed pre-workout/pre-performance, ENDURE X provides a clean endurance-boost you can feel! LEARN MORE >>

Pamela Shanti-Pack Weapons-Grade Whey

WEAPONS-GRADE WHEY® protein complex provides a biphasic release of muscle-building amino acids to hasten recovery and strength gains. Ideal for supporting muscle protein synthesis during the critical recovery hours immediately after training and while you sleep. LEARN MORE >>

Matt Fultz Powerplex

POWERPLEX is the most advanced plant-based protein and collagen alternative for vegans. Our novel formula provides the optimal amino acid profile for muscle recovery, strength gain, and connective-tissue remodeling. LEARN MORE >>

Paige Claassen CRUSH supplement

CRUSH is a novel ergogenic and nootropic supplement that combines natural ingredients shown to increase alertness (without jitters or anxiety), improve cognition and mental performance, and enhance physical strength and endurance. LEARN MORE >>

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